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Legion - Live Changelog

June 21, 2023

[Frost] Splitting Ice Bug Abuse

Splitting Ice Isn't calculating damage correctly, it shouldn't be 80% of Ice Lance's damage but instead it should count as a separate spell with its own formula that checks target's stats, due to this issue you can bounce it off a critter and hit a player for 40m.



Spell Power x (140.4 (scaling of Ice Lance) x 0.8 (scaling of splitting Ice)) x 1.2 ( Lonely Winter Talent) x 1.05 (Splitting Ice Talent)

Bug Proof
[Suramar] [NBNF] Custom Intro Skip Option

We have added an option at Khadgar on main.
[Azsuna] Back from the Dead

currently im not getting credit for freeing the citizens (killing the mobs) at 2 of the 3 locations

\ plaza fountain
\ near the academy
Legendary Converter incorrect countdown

The accountwide timer is calculated wrong. It shows time elapsed instead of remaining time.
[General] Jumping CC

Jumping right before getting blinded makes the cc not work.

It includes Crowd Control debuffs of Incapacitates class with movement aspect involved during its duration. When it buggs out the player under effect stays still and can cast whatever he wants.

Such as:
|T135836:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207167|h[Blinding Sleet]|h|r
|T132121:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:99|h[Incapacitating Roar]|h|r
|T132153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213691|h[Scatter Shot]|h|r
Account-wide Honor Issues

Since Honor and Prestige Levels are accountwide, players do not receive the past Honor rewards on their alts.


For example, PvP Artifact Appearances are unlocked by doing the quest . Since they do not receive the quest item, it is impossible to unlock the base appearances on alts. We can either mail these items on login, or simply make the appearances accountwide.
[Arena] Party chat

Cannot talk in party chat while in an arena.
World Bosses Incorrect Loot Tables

Killed Drugon the Frostblood and got loot from Shar'thos.


Mobs only cast on ranged.

If no ranged is close whatsoever they don't cast at all. Mobs in checklist its legit every mob I checked. Probably every caster is only hitting ranges.
NPCs Re-casting Spells after being CCed.

NPCs such as spells after being Stunned/Feared, Gripped. They should not try to instantly recast the spell. There should be a few seconds window.

The only NPC that should be able to recast the ability is the
[Generic] Pet's do not despawn upon death

At the moment if a player dies their pet will remain where their duying point was, upon player ressurection from another player (if it's further away or at a safe spot) the pet will run back to them and pull everything in their path.

Retail: Pet's despawn upon death and are spawned again after ressurection.
On death behaviour retail video: