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Patch 7.1.5 is on Felsong!

Under construction

September 14, 2023
Patch 7.1.0 is coming!
Patch 7.1.0 | August 7th



Patch 7.1.0 will contain the following:

New Mega-dungeon: Return to Karazhan (Mythic) New Raid: Trial of Valor Legendaries item level increased to 910 Removal of the Overflowing affix Affix shuffle and pooling with more combinations PvP Season 1 ends (more info soon)

Beside the "normal" content, we have prepared a lot of QoL features which will help you along the journey:


KEYSTONE EDIT  Yup, you will be able to edit your dungeons and keystone level directly from your keystone item. Just Right-Click on it and see the options!

Changing the dungeon will require Shuffling Sands, a new currency obtained from completing Mythic Dungeons. Lowering the Keystone will always be free.

Link 1:

Link 2:

LEGION POCKET PORTAL A handy tool that allows you to teleport to an instance. This item will be rewarded only to the most ambitious players, requiring the completion of a Mythic 20 in time. Once the achievement is obtained, the teleport location for that dungeon will be added to your pocket portal. The progress and teleport locations are account-wide!



RIO equivalent mythic score (*work in progress) Flying in all legacy zones enabled by default Addons page on the website VIP reimplemented (info soon) More shop features such as Instant Taxi, Green Fire, All Flight Paths

Patch 7.1.0 will be a short patch, probably around 4-6 weeks.

We are aware of the remaining problems, such as Maw of Souls boat, but we are making huge efforts to deliver fixes for these as soon as possible!

July 27, 2023
We Are Hiring Developers

Our team, projects, and ambitions are in continuous growth and we need proficient and passionate people with whom we can continue to deliver the best World of Warcraft experience.

We are looking for the following profiles:

 Core Developers (Cpp)

- As a core dev, you must know Cpp (and SQL where needed) at a medium/advanced level and have already worked with TrinityCore. - Having experience with multiple game areas such as Spells, PvE content, Mechanics, and Reverse is considered a big plus!

 Database Developer (SQL/SAI)

- As a database dev, you're required to know SQL and have sufficient experience with how different tables and databases work and interact with each other. - You must have worked with TrinityCore and know your way around it.

Our positions are paid, with real money obviously.

We will not respond to incomplete applications or unprofessional candidates, such as people wishing to learn or developers without experience with TrinityCore.

If you are interested and you meet the requirements, please send an email to [email protected] with every relevant detail, including your C.V. / LinkedIn profile, your Github profile, and any other detail you find necessary.

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April 28, 2023
Server Info

Felsong is a legacy Legion project delivered by the passion driven team members of WoW Freakz and Firestorm, united under a new banner. Our server is based on the 7.3.5 client, however, content will be delivered progressively - from the very beginning of the Legion expansion - following blizzlike patch releases.

 What does this mean more exactly? Class spells and items such as trinkets and tier sets are tuned for patch 7.3.5 and we already have the latest quality of life features.

 What does progressive content unlock mean? Item levels, damage, and health of NPCs, raids, dungeons and PvP seasons, quests, class campaigns, as well as professions, are scaled or locked accordingly for patch 7.0.3; 


Server Rates

Starting level = 98 Starting gear = 660 item level XP = 1.5x Gold = 1x Reputation = 1x Currency = 1x Item drop = 1x Content is currently locked to Season 1  

General Information - RELEASE

Release will happen on 20.05.2023, 11am UTC!

Server Features

 Ticket System  Anti-cheat system  Full Cross-faction (Guilds, LFG, Dungeons, Raids, PvP Instances)  Account-wide Titles and Mounts   Instant flight-paths Pre-Legion  All flight paths discovered Pre-Legion  Bug Tracker  Live Changelog  Armory  Database  Unstuck  Discord Support Server

LEGION - General Mechanics

 Latest 7.3.5 Class Changes  7.0.3 Dungeons on all difficulties  Mythic Keystones (Affixes, Scaling, Weekly Chest)  7.0.3 Raids on all difficulties (Emerald Nightmare)  Raid and Dungeon Finder  Premade Groups  Artifact Scenarios  Additional Artifact Appearances  Class Order Halls  Bonus Objectives  World Quests & Emissary Rewards  Weekly World Bosses  Weekly Bonus Events  Broken Isles Pathfinder  Professions  Obliterum Forge  Bonus Roll  Personal Loot  Legendaries  BLP System (Bad Luck Protection)  PvP Honor System  Prestige  Battlegrounds  Arenas


 Azsuna  Val’sharah  Highmountain  Stormheim  Suramar


 Legion introduction questline & scenario  Azsuna Storyline  Val’sharah Storyline  Highmountain Storyline  Stormheim Storyline  Pillars of Creation  Class Hall Campaigns


 Black Market  Auction House  Void Storage  Transmogrification AoE Looting

 Legacy Content

Most legacy dungeons and raids are already available and accessible, however, in the current stage, not all of them may be fully functional. As development goes on, we are committed to ensure that all of them can be fully completed in every difficulty setting in order to farm them for transmogs, mounts, and titles.

While there are no explicit plans for it at this time, it’s a possibility that we will work on 1-98 leveling content in the future, giving players the option to level up in the old world if they wish. This will have no impact on players who want to start in Legion content - the level 98 starting option will continue to be available.

April 28, 2023
Connection Guide

 Our client has been tested intensively on multiple Windows Operating Systems. For any issues, contact us.  Make sure you allow/add an exception for our launcher in Windows Defender or other antivirus software.

Note: Currently we only support 64-bit versions of Windows. A 32-bit launcher is being worked on and will be released at a later time.


Method 1 - Full client

                                                                                                                                                                                            1. Play the game using Play Felsong.exe.

This is the preferred and simplest download method. It will download the full game client.


Method 2

Using a 7.3.5 client from another server

1. Extract the files from Felsong Launcher.rar into the main folder. 2. Play the game using Play Felsong.exe. 3. Wait for the game to launch. This may take a few minutes.

 Our launcher is capable of making use of game data from other Legion 7.3.5 servers. If you already have a 7.3.5 client, whether it's from retail or a private server, you can place our launcher inside it in order to use it to play on Felsong.  Even though we have tested this method on various game clients, we can not guarantee that it will work with every client. We take no responsibility for any damage done to your game client.

  Method 3 - Minimal client

Not recommended.

1. Extract the files from Felsong Launcher.rar into your desired folder. 2. Run Play Felsong.exe. 3. Wait for the game to launch, this may take between 5-30 minutes depending on your internet speed.

 This method will download the necessary files to run the game, then continue to download data while you play (you must be logged into a character). There is no visual indicator as for how much data has been downloaded already. Do not open Play Felsong.exe multiple times during this stage to avoid problems.

  We recommend using this method only when you have a high-speed internet connection, downloading while playing with a slow connection is likely to lead to undesirable results such as slow loading times, frequent disconnects, visual issues due to things not being downloaded yet, etc.


Notes / Debug

Your <WoW Legion 7.3.5 - Felsong> folder should contain the following:

 Data (48.9 GB)  WoW.mfil  Felsong-64.exe  launcher_felsong-64.dll  Play Felsong.exe



 Our launcher requires Microsoft Visual C Redistributables and .NET Framework to function correctly.  Do not download or extract the game in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).  Remove the Read-only attribute from your WoW folder.  Run Play Felsong.exe as administrator.

April 28, 2023