The Wait is Finally Over!

Official Release - 20.05.2023

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Felsong is a legacy Legion project delivered by the passion driven team members of WoW Freakz and Firestorm, united under a new banner. With over twelve years of experience in developing high quality, stable servers, we have one goal: To offer the best, top-notch and complete experience on the fan-favorite expansion.

Felsong is based on the 7.3.5 client, however, content will be delivered progressively, from the very beginning of the Legion expansion, following blizzlike patch releases. You will start at Level 98, and will be able to level directly in the Broken Isles with experience rates set to x1.5.

Our Legion core, which has been developed by multiple teams over 6 years of hard work, is now revamped and better than ever. As a result of our dedication, we bring forth, Felsong.

We believe players would like to play with each other, despite of their faction, therefore, we have enabled cross-faction in all content. Gather up your friends, empower your Artifacts and prepare to defend against the Burning Legion!

We are currently in the Open Beta phase. If you want to get in and help us find any remaining bugs, check our Discord or Website for more information.
Live Release - 20.05.2023!


Starting Level 98

Jump directly onto the Broken Isles and level up at 1.5x experience rate.

Blizzlike Experience

Our content just works, no fuss. Have doubts? Just try it!

Legion Patch 7.3.5

Felsong is a progressive server running on Patch 7.3.5.

Full Cross-faction

Guilds, LFG, Dungeons, Raids and PvP have cross-faction enabled.

State of the art Core

Felsong uses WoW Freakz’s completely revamped core.